Some day, One day

I know that there’s more to Paris than what’s featured in this video but for now, this video will suffice.



Simply therapeutic to watch it all day long. I admit that water marbling is probably one of my favourite form of art/design (to watch) as it creates an unexpected form and it’s only filled with surprises each time. I’ve yet to experience this form of art myself, but would love to if the opportunity arrises!

OK Go – The Writing’s On The Wall

You can always count on Ok Go for the quirkiest and fun videos and this time is taking optical illusion unto another level! Other than the fact that it’s an awesome video (which I do not deny that fact), I actually love how they gave credit to each and every individual who has worked on the video; a good amount of airtime! Behind every successful production lies a team of people who has put in tones of effort to make it work!

Go on and thank someone today who has always been behind the scene and not getting any due credit.

Other than, enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!