A Day After The Rain

Water seems abundant.
Things seems uncertain at that point.
People seems to be on the edge.
Feet seems to move hurriedly.
And Life seems to have gone by hastily.

A Day After The Rain, Came.

Water evaporated.
Things became clear or if not clearer.
People unknowingly have found their direction.
Feet has stopped to admire things.
And Life now has slowed down in pace.

I like days after the rain…


The Skies Are You*

Time passes more quickly than I thought it has been.
Which leaves me pondering, what am I under this vast sky?

You* say do not worry, for I am here.
But I can’t help but scream, why am I even here?

I have learnt that under this sky of yours.
Things may not be what I might want.

But I know that the sky’s made up of You*

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My Oh My

My eyes are shutting.
My lungs are weaving.
My legs take me no where.
My thoughts in a swirl.
My head says believe.
My mouth utters nothing
My heart goes slow.

My confidence goes zero…


They have been surrounding me,
Some does embrace
Others who brings me down.

Accepting me for who I am,
By only His grace
And I thank You* for that.

Being all stark and insensitive
Not understanding how I felt
And so often jar with the others.

Now all I can say is,
Release me
So that I will bring such joy and frolic.

Once Dark, Now Shine

People used to say that darkness was fine
As we were to just go with the motion
Not having a mind of my own,
I was led away and only regretted.

Till that darkness became too overwhealming for me
I struggled alot
Not wanting to let go of this darkness
Untill You* poured out your love and over took my life

I may have experience darkness
But not anymore
Because standing upon this awesome place
I see lights that beams my heart
Not glarring but heart warming

Now that ive surrendered my darkness to You
It’s time that ive let this light
Brightly for as long as you permits*