LANY – My new earworm


Weekly Routine …

Getting my brains fried on a weekly basis has become a norm for me. ARGH! You have no absolute idea how much I’m freaking out right now due to the FACT that exams is in LESS THAN A MONTH’S TIME!

Excuse me while I hyperventilate…


And you need to know…

On the day that I could leave the office (way) earlier than usual, I was greeted by this gorgeous sight, a sunset like never before. It got me thinking on how much I’ve missed this time of the day where I can slow things down and appreciate what I have around me in comparison to my daily routine of leaving the office only when dark falls; usually later than expected.

I recently met a friend who reminded me that work’s never ending (which is 101% true!) but more importantly, family is the one who would stick by you instead. Nope, I’m not saying to shrink in responsibilities at work but I guess knowing when to exactly stop and take a step back. He challenged me to start with leaving the office on the dot three times in week and gradually increasing it.

This is definitely harder said than done, that’s because I actually love what I’m doing at work but the energy that is required seems a little on the powerless side and that’s when I know it’s time out season and would need to recharge on that.

Start slow …


  1. (Re) learn Adobe Premier Pro for simple video editing
  2. Spend more time with family (specifically cousins!)
  3. Pass my Statistics and Management Accounting!
  4. Be happier
  5. Sleep earlier – by 10:30PM (Ps, it’s now 1AM and I’m still typing this!!!)
  6. Wake up early – hopefully 4AM
  7. Photograph more (FILM!!)

I will revisit this post along the way…

8 More Weeks to Christmas

I don’t know about you but the cold and fuzzy weather here in the office sure makes a Christmas album more apparent than anything! It’s officially 8 MORE WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS! Time has flown away too fast, too fast for me – but I need to find some time to reflect and ponder how have I spent this year!

Meanwhile, enjoy this Christmas album and be thankful for what the Lord has done!

Oh Vanity

After seeing tones of videos online showing how it’s done, I just had to jump unto the mirror nails craze. I’ve been to Summer Nails a few times after getting a recommendation from a friend who patronises her shop often.

After understanding my nails condition of it being very brittle and thin, Samantha was really nice to apply the gelish polish in a way so that it’ll last longer by adding on an additional layer + she used a different top coat for the mirror nails to prevent it from cracking.

Ps, this is NOT a sponsored post and I really wanted to share where I occasionally have my nails done while in Johor Bahru since the options are aplenty.