Oh Vanity

After seeing tones of videos online showing how it’s done, I just had to jump unto the mirror nails craze. I’ve been to Summer Nails a few times after getting a recommendation from a friend who patronises her shop often.

After understanding my nails condition of it being very brittle and thin, Samantha was really nice to apply the gelish polish in a way so that it’ll last longer by adding on an additional layer + she used a different top coat for the mirror nails to prevent it from cracking.

Ps, this is NOT a sponsored post and I really wanted to share where I occasionally have my nails done while in Johor Bahru since the options are aplenty.




Across the border

一个良好的下午,我们四个过海关到新山打算做按摩,不过太多人了,需要等很久。 没关系,下一尺把。不过我们吃了很丰富 - 螃蟹,鱼,菜,躺,烧烤,豆腐。我最爱的是咸蛋螃蟹!真的非长好吃!我没很多要求,只要好吃的+好朋友,哪就够了。