Oh Vanity

After seeing tones of videos online showing how it’s done, I just had to jump unto the mirror nails craze. I’ve been to Summer Nails a few times after getting a recommendation from a friend who patronises her shop often.

After understanding my nails condition of it being very brittle and thin, Samantha was really nice to apply the gelish polish in a way so that it’ll last longer by adding on an additional layer + she used a different top coat for the mirror nails to prevent it from cracking.

Ps, this is NOT a sponsored post and I really wanted to share where I occasionally have my nails done while in Johor Bahru since the options are aplenty.




Show Me Your Nails?!

I was inspired by a friend’s post on her manicured nails done in Bangkok and being a person who loves Thailand, I cannot stop raving on how awesome their skills is. They practically can do anything you’d want with your nails, all you need to do is POINT for a design and they’ll do it instantly. No practice sessions or trials done and they’ll make sure your nails look AWESOME or you can get your money back!

Ivy and myself were very intrigued by our manicurist who is a MALE, a rather cute guy too! Whahah! Even my mom was very impressed by his skills and decided to have a go at it too. We later found out that he’s a graffiti artist who is working part time to make ends meet, so kudos to that!

I bet if he comes to Singapore and open a shop, it’ll be quite a long queue!

Not sure if we can still meet him, but if anyone from Thailand reads this and so happen to know who he is, tell him that you have all our support and we can’t wait to see greater art works out there, but meanwhile, thanks for making us smile!