Music – The universal language of Mankind

Afgan Syahreza

Gamaliel Audrey Cantika

Rizky Febian

Indeed music needs no differentiating in language and I’m one advocate for that. Of course it takes a bit more effort in trying to get meaning of each song, but sometimes music needs no explanation. So these days, I’ve been really into Indonesian songs and they are actually on repeat mode, even my Indonesian friends are surprised by my selection of songs.

What are some of your favourite songs that aren’t in your usual language?


Sundown Festival 2015



OHH MYY, POTATO IS FINALLY GETTING some Singapore love! Having watched them a few times when they first played in Singapore at those thai clubs almost 5 years ago, but this time it is a concert arena!!! I can name you a million and one reasons as to why you should watch them live at least once and no easier way than introducing you a few of their latest songs. Enjoy and do head over to my YouTube page for more of their music where I had the privilege of hearing them play.





Singto Namchok – อาย (แจ่มจันทร์ โปรเจค)

ท้องทะเลท้องฟ้ามีเพียงแค่เรา ท่ามกลางหาดทรายขาว
Taung talay taung fah mee piang kae rao tahm glahng haht sai kao
The sea and the sky has only us in the middle of the white sand
แสงดวงดาวพร่างพราว ประกายสวยงาม
Saeng duang dao prahng prao bpragai suay ngahm
The twinkling starlight sparkles beautifully
ดั่งบนสวรรค์เปิดทาง ให้คนอ้างว้างอย่างฉัน
Dung bon sawun bpert tahng hai kon ahng wahng yahng chun
Like heaven above has opened the way for a lonely person like me
บอกความในใจให้เธอได้ฟัง โอกาสอย่างนี้ ต้องพูดไป
Bauk kwahm nai jai hai tur dai fung ohgaht yahng nee dtaung poot bpai
Telling you the things in my heart, a chance like this must be taken

(*) ว่าทั้งหัวใจ มีแต่เธอนั้น
Wah tung hua jai mee dtae tur nun
That my entire heart has only you
อยากให้เชื่อกัน พยานคือฟ้าที่เฝ้าดู
Yahk hai cheua gun payahn keu fah tee fao doo
I want you to believe me, my witness is the watching sky
Laeo tur kit yahng rai meua dai roo bauk tee
And how do you feel now that you know? Tell me
Yahk fung jahk bpahk tur
I want to hear it from your lips

(**) หากเธอก็รัก เธอก็รู้สึกดี ๆ เหมือนกัน
Hahk tur gor ruk tur gor roo seuk dee dee meuan gun
If you love me too, if you also feel good
แต่เธอก็เขินอายอย่างนั้น ที่จะต้องพูดมา
Dtae tur gor kern ai yahng nun tee ja dtaung poot mah
But you’re also too shy to say it
แค่ร้องว่าอ๊าอิยาอิยา อ๊าอิยาอิยา ก็พอ
Kae raung wah ahiyaiya aiyaiya gor por
Just shouting “Aiyaiya aiyaiya” is enough
Lae chun gor kor bpen kon nun tee doo lae hua jai
And I will be the person who takes care of your heart
Mai koey bauk ruk krai kon nai perng ja mee kae tur
I’ve never told anyone else I’ve loved them as soon as I had you
และฉันก็อ๊าอิยาอิยา อ๊าอิยาอิยา เหมือนเธอ
Lae chun gor aiyaiya aiyaiya meuan tur
And I’ll “aiyaiya aiyaiya” like you
Kae piang tao nee bpen un kao jai
I understand just this

Chun mai koey poot kwahm nai jai tee mee gup tur loey suk krung
I’ve never spoken the things in my heart to you before
Pror tung kern tung glua tee ja poot bpai
Because I was shy and scared to say them
ถ้าปล่อยคืนนี้ผ่านไป เก็บความรักไว้อย่างนั้น
Tah bploy keun nee pahn bpai gep kwahm ruk wai yahng nun
If I let the nights pass by and kept my love in like that
ก็คงไม่รู้ว่าใจตรงกัน โอกาสอย่างนี้ ต้องพูดไป
Gor kong mai roo wah jai dtrong gun ohgaht yahng nee dtaung poot bpai
I’d probably never know if your heart was the same, a chance like this must be taken


Two Popetorn – Music From Another Room

So here was my first installment of introducing Two Popetorn and he’s now back with his second album called “Music From Another Room” and in it is a song titled “Something Special” which has a tag that goes like “The best thing you can put on your face is smile”; how beautiful is this statement which I totally agree with, indeed the best accessory someone can have is his/her smile.

This is an album filled with songs for that lazy afternoon while you sit on the edge of the world and see it fly pass and here you are enjoying life as it is. With his previous songs that has a more romantic feel, this album on the other hand seems to have matured in the arrangements (even though I have yet to breakdown into individual songs/lyrics) but it still leaves me feeling all fluffy inside! Coming from the record label company LOVEiS, I definitely hear traces of Boyd Kosiyabong (Founder) who is known for his grooves in this album. Unknowinly, you’ll find yourself moving to the beats to his songs which I couldn’t be any happier to get my hands on!

You can check out Music From Another Room on iTunes for a preview and do let me know if there is any particular song that you like from his album, would love to hear what you think?

แค่เป็นเธอ (Khae Pen Ther)

เพื่อนกันทุกที (Peuan Gun Took Tee) feat. Buddha Bless | Translation

พูดทำไม (Poot Tummai) | Translation

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Bipolar Sunshine – Love More Worry Less

Another pregnant girl underage
You know you can’t show
Anyone in the same household
Oh the boy doesn’t care, the story ain’t new though
You got to fear
Seen so many relationships that resemble love
Just for comfort none of the above
Too scared to call it to break away, to break away
You got to fear
Your future starting right in front of you
Staring at you in your clear view
But only you can make the change
It’s up to you to break the chain
You got to fear
I know you’re running, running, running
Tried to part
But doubt is what is tearing your world apart
You got to fear
You got to fear
Call me if you need someone
To lean on, lean on
Call me if you need someone
To lean on
Call me if you need someone
To lean on, lean on
Let me be the one
You lean on
I hope you know
Call me if you need someone
To lean on, lean on
Call me if you need someone
I’ll be there
To lean on
I’ll be there
Call me if you need someone
I’ll be there
To lean on, to lean on
I’ll be there
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less
Laugh more, worry less

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