Earl Grey Cake

So I am still on the quest of looking out for a nice good earl grey cake which led me to Rive Gauche located at Suntec City. There’s 2 layers of sponge cake with a caramel crunchy biscuit filling topped with earl grey tea flavoured cream and chocolate mousse – not too bad I must admit.

But my love is still with All Things Delicious, presented it’s in simple form.





POTATO LIVE @ Sketches Sundown Festival 2015

THIS IS WHY I LOVE THAI MUSIC! Have I declared not enough of my love to Thai related stuff? Yes, it was an unforgettable night listening and seeing POTATO play on a larger stage on Singapore ground.  So glad they mentioned that they might just be back again. But my one request is, please bring BODYSLAM along! ^^

THANK YOU Dorothy for the tickets!

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe

There’s been a recent Bingsu craze right here in Singapore, not that I’m complaining, but with such stiff competition, I’m not sure what’s the best? Having came across these on a friend’s Instagram page plus they have newly opened in the west – no better reason for us to try!

Injeolmi Toast

Injeolmi Toast – $5.90

I first tried Injeolmi when I was in Korea a few years ago and fell in loved with the chewy texture and nutty flavour. The ones served at Nunsaram which was incorporated with the toast was equally packed with flavours. Though the toast took longer to prepare, but so glad it was worth the wait. Crispy on the outside while it’s hot and chewy on the inside with every bite filled with big mouthfuls of injeolmi. I like how generous they were with the fillings and as seen, almonds and cranberries were no less. I would suggest to finish it while it’s still warm because when we left ours aside and it had hardened by a bit.

Green Tea Bingsu

Green Tea Bingsu – $13.90 
(I think there was an opening special price as we had it at Westgate which was a new location)

The ice shavings were very smooth and finely milled which made it easy on the pallet. With a good mix of sweetness from the milk and red bean with the slight bitterness of the green tea, I am totally sold over how much these bingsu’s have been raved about. Special mention for the ice cream which left a faint aftertaste which we could not make out what it was, of course it was a nice lingering flavoured with every bite. I honestly thought I could finish up one of these all by myself, but trust me, the portion is huge enough for at least 2-3 persons.

Siblings I never had

Of course, this is for friends that goes out of the way and is always ever gamed enough to try new places with me. I might not have mentioned this enough, but you people mean a lot to me.

Charlie Lim x Spotify

Charlie Lim is no stranger to the Singapore music scene (at least that’s what I’d like to think of) as he represents the next generation of musicians who has been making waves in all arenas. It’s more than pure joy to have heard him live numerous times but one that left me in awe was last year’s Mosaic Festival held at Esplanade. It was quite a change from his usual melodramatic tunes which often gets associated with emo – signs of growth!

Having first introduced to Charlie’s songs by a dear friend of mine when she mentioned that the sound engineer who was working on his EP is a personal friend of hers (whom I eventually got to know) had shared the good stuff with her. I remembered clearly that she insisted that I have to check out his songs – “confirm no regrets” and I did. The rest is history…

An entire playlist is definitely more are than a glimpse into who/what he gathers his influences from and I’d like to call it a a musician’s version of “What’s in my Bag”? – something very personal yet inviting. Well it is especially better if it comes with not one but two preview tracks on an upcoming new album called Time/Space that has everyone (me included!) excited and looking forward to it.

Retaining the depth of his song writing, rawness of each song and presenting it in a polished (haven’t found a better way of describing it yet). It is quite a growth from his previous EP album which I am totally looking forward to. With the two preview of his songs, two different genres yet both equally captivating, but if I were to choose just one, it would have to be Choices.


House of Riots presents A Tripple Bill: Charlie Lim, iNCH, The Great Spy Experiment
Sat, 6 June 2015
Esplanade Concert Hall

Hari Raya x Zalora

As much as I like how the intricate the details of a traditional baju kurong looks like but at the same time I agree that with a tasteful twist on traditionally looking clothes, it can turn out to be wearable and not forgetting making a fashion statement. Since these clothes were designed with a better understanding of proportion and materials suited for our climate (think hot Singapore), so I believe these modern pairings of clothes would definitely be a better fit for ladies!

The latest collection from ZALORA features a wide range of clothes is out to prove that you can look fashionable yet maintaining the need of traditionally ket items in the wardrobe. I have put together a series of clothes and hope you’ll like what I picked out based on another kind of perspective.

Happy Hari Raya shopping and don’t forget to tag #ZALORASg on your Outfit of the Day (#ootd) as I would love to see how you style the pieces too.


With staple items, you can mix and match them to your needs. Who says being on budget has got to compromise on looks; you’re still looking fabulous! And if I were to choose 1 item out of the range that I picked out, that would have to be the White blouse with extended sleeves shown at the very first look.


I choose a more feminine approach with this range, even though it isn’t quite my personality but I actually like some of these pieces featured.


Can I say that I LOVE ALL THE COLOURS in this range! Even though I might not celebrate the occasion, but I can totally see myself in these (if there’s a ever a day that I’d need to). No doubt the fact that you’ll make quite an entrance and bold statement with such happy colours!

River Island x Zalora

I’d be completely honest, tried to come up with 101 reasons as to why you should take a look at River Island Women’s clothes, but I failed terribly – all because one doesn’t need any reason to shop, right? So if you take a peek at my cupboard, you’ll notice that my clothes are mostly made up of prints but these days, I’ve been on a lookout for solids too. Gave thought about it, so you can take away my prints but colour isn’t something that I can compromise on. I need to have either or – prints or colour!



I knew I had to sneak in my favourite pieces out of the whole collection even though it doesn’t seem to belong to the same category. That marble print sweatshirt and floral print dress is definitely up on my list – I LOVE IT! This is quite out of the typical marble swirls that usually comes in grey/white, with a hint of colour mixed in (don’t we all need some colour in our lives?), definitely is a statement making sweatshirt. I have something similar to that floral top too, which is made up of galaxy prints that always get me the compliment, so I thought this would do the same for you too. To top it off, these 2 pieces are very reasonably priced.


Screen shot 2015-03-15 at PM 08.28.26

Start shopping, xxx!

GOSF x Zalora

Hands up if you’re totally into online shopping and especially if there is great discounts involved! Having our very own version of GOSF right here in Singapore, you can rest assure that you’re getting a bang for every buck spent and where can that savings go to; of course to more shopping right? Being new to the term GOSF (Great Online Shopping Festival), I was told that it’s has very similar concepts to Cyber Monday or Black Friday where a few online shopping sites come together and offer you heavy discounts for a day but right here on my very own GOSF in Singapore, we have a total of 3 days of madness (02 – 04 Feb 2015) for you to shop ’til you drop!

With that I bring you another good news which is ZALORA would be having discounts on not only their latest CNY collection which I must have a special mention to that because this is their largest collection till date with a design team based in Singapore. This range of clothes are exclusively for ZALORA and great thoughts have been put into understanding the fashion trends. But at the same time this GOSF offer also applies to the other range of extensive items on their site so I am sure there is at least something for everyone.

Indeed it is time to get your wallet and fingers ready for these 3 days of shopping spree galore – I can only say, may the fastest fingers win that awesome item that you’ve been eyeing.

Screen shot 2015-01-19 at PM 02.18.33